Create data analysis training tasks from real data
Integrating interactive content into data analysis
The importance of creating data analysis training tasks from real work problems
Often, training tasks are very different from the real-world problems encountered on the job
The flexibility of customisation and the variety of interactive elements allow you to create tasks based on real data with our help
Common problems in creating data analysis training tasks
There are a few standard problems when creating training assignments for data analysts
Training tasks are created on fake data
Tasks are too difficult - write code
Tasks are either too easy - just a test
Lack of feedback
Interactive content — a game changer for learning data analysis
We understand that learning data analysis can be challenging, which is why we provide engaging and interactive solutions. Our personalized approach makes learning easy and practical for everyone
Interactive content allow you not only to create simple tests, but also to make analytics tasks as close as possible to real work tasks
Learning data analysis is difficult because there is a huge gap between what you learn and the actual implementation of that knowledge in code. Our interactive tasks allow you to make this transition from learned knowledge to application of skills smoother
Interactive content play a significant role in providing the much-needed feedback in learning data analysis. This type of content goes beyond passive consumption of information, allowing learners to actively apply their knowledge and skills
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