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Effective learning

Empowering learning through interactive tasks

What is Interactiver
Interactiver — is a tool designed for the creation of interactive learning materials. With Interactiver, teachers and students alike can build and solve interactive tasks that make learning engaging and enjoyable
Our easy-to-use user interface allows educators to create custom tasks, quizzes and challenges that can be shared with students or even within study groups
Key features
The full potential of interactive elements in one platform: from quizzes, tests, schemes to tips, selectors, buttons, crossword puzzles and other elements
Our interactive content can be easily integrated into any platform that supports iframes (html), such as LMS, website builders, and your website
Each answer contributes to the final score, allowing students to receive instant feedback on their results
Find the total number of students who completed the course, determine the completion date, collect student scores, and identify difficult topics
How it works
Creation process
Teachers effortlessly design interactive assignments tailored to their curriculum
Student engagement
Students can actively solve the interactive assignments directly on our platform or via shared links
Web page generation
Our server automatically generates a web page featuring the assigned interactive content
Actionable insights
We collect valuable analytics, allowing educators to identify potential issues and optimize the learning experience
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