We optimize course performance by incorporating analytics and integrating interactive content
Effective learning

Professional eLearning consulting

What can we help you with

Boost trial-to-paid conversation rates
We'll help find the key growth points and help you implement them
Improve employee training
We'll help you reduce turnover, increase engagement, and minimize mistakes in the workplace
Increase retention and LTV
We'll identify reasons for drop-offs in student enrollment, restructure the learning process to be more engaging, and optimize educational support
Stop losing sales
We'll help you identify customer needs and improve product knowledge
Who we are
Our team consists of skilled specialists who are dedicated to education and achieving exceptional results. Among us are managers, analysts and technical employees from top companies, doctoral degree holders, university lecturers, online course authors and instructional designers
In our team, you will find the following key roles: learning experience designers, course authors, teachers, analysts, developers, UI designers, technical experts and others

Stages of work

Introduction to the course
We familiarize ourselves with the course and identify potential problem areas
Prospects for enhancement
We gather recommendations based on the collected analytics and offer solutions to issues
Data collection and analytics
We are investigate the details of the issues based on your or our embedded analytics
Agreement-based improvement
We rework the course, improving its content, effectiveness, and personalization
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