Furthermore, our team has strong ties to language educators, ensuring our products meet learner and educator needs
About us

We bring together
a team with strong technical and design expertise

Meet the team's leaders
Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to education, achieving exceptional results, and providing top-quality educational resources and support
Product manager in Edtech, 10+ years in HiTech, ex-Yandex. Successfully launched educational programs for both school students and adults from scratch
Liliya Barladyan
Leads an educational YouTube channel, focusing on the quality of educational materials from a methodological perspective
PhD, 10+ years in HiTech, Participated in both academic and business education in various roles. CEO, responsible for overall development strategy
Has experience in building their own business, designing an AI tool, and is responsible for branding and style
Viktor Katsman
Anna Karnaukhova
Our mission — to make online education solutions effective
We help educational companies increase course completion rates by providing interactive and engaging content
by encouraging learners to actively engage with the content, preventing stagnation and reducing dropout rates for all types of learners
Interactiver for schools & universities
We offer embeddable gamification elements that will help empower your internal training program
Interactiver for business